"Benefit concerts using Jazz music, creating community and transforming lives."

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The Butterfly Concerts has a threefold vision:


1) Produce a series of successful concert events, titled "The Butterfly Concerts" to raise monies and awareness for the needs of families and grassroots nonprofit organizations.

2) Create community through Jazz music, galvanizing resources and forming networks to transform crisis situations of the designated families and grassroots nonprofit organizations served through "The Butterfly Concerts."

3) Provide mentoring and job training in event and concert production for young arts professionals participating in "The Butterfly Concerts" series.



2009 CD Release, Chronicles of a Butterfly
2009 CD Release, Chronicles of a Butterfly

The Butterfly Concerts series was made manifest due to the transformation a jazz music recording created; profound transformation that occured both for the artist that created the recording, and the community that resulted in the process.


Chronicles of a Butterfly is a recording by jazz vocal musician, Lenora Zenzalai Helm, released September, 2009 on the Zenzalai Music record label.  It is concept project, created to honor her late mentor pianist/composer Andrew Hill, and has at its central theme transformation - specifically mirroring the metamorphosis of a butterfly.  The music is an adventurous blend of original compositions and standard jazz repertoire of the American Songbook, each outlining a different stage of the redemptive possibilities within the butterfly's transformative process.


On the recording, produced by Branford Marsalis, Helm is joined by a stellar lineup of jazz musicians.  Chronicles of a Butterfly features Mulgrew Miller, piano; Doug Wamble, guitar; Neal Caine, acoustic bass and guest composer/bassist, John E. Price.

Chronicles of a Butterfly is a suite about transformation -- artistry come to fruition, participants transformed.   Lenora has conceived the stages of avoidance, distraction, withdrawal and eventual connection, maturity and positioning in society as a succession of lovely jazz performances.  Each of her renditions of standards and originals, recorded in live small group settings (without drums!) give voice, swing, style and substance to her concept, though each is enjoyable in itself.  To be able to bring this off is the mark of a thorough, thoughtful artist, in this case a woman who has mastered her art and gathered the right company to realize her vision.  

Howard Mandel, from the liner notes of Chronicles of a Butterfly


Full liner notes, reviews, interviews with producer Branford Marsalis and composer/bassist John E. Price and photos from the recording session, are available at www.LenoraHelm.com. 


Click here to purchase Chronicles of a Butterfly.

We invite you to browse the pages here to learn about our efforts to manifest our vision.  It is our hope that you will become touch, moved and inspired to become part of our Butterfly Effect!

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