Concert Schedule - The Butterfly Concerts 2010 - 2011



Butterfly Concerts Family and Organization Recipients

Butterfly Concert #1   

The Elms Family, Durham, NC

Suffered a tragic fire in their home.  The couple, (with the wife stationed in Iraq), has two young children, ages 8 and 4.


Friday, September 18, 2009, Hayti Heritage Center,
Durham, NC

Butterfly Concert #2   


T.I.E. (Transformation, Inspiration, Education) Resource Centers, Inc.
 Executive Director, Danita Davis
Friday, March 19, 2010, Broad Street Cafe,
1116 Broad Street, Durham, NC 27701



Visit them online at

PERSONNEL ON 3-19-10 concert
Lenora Zenzalai Helm, voice
Ed Paolantonio, piano
Baron Tymas, guitar
Christian Dashiell,  acoustic bass
Ira Wiggins, tenor sax/flute

a nonprofit based in Durham, NC, assisting women and children who have been victims of domestic violence.


T.I.E. (Transformation, Inspiration, Education) Resource Centers, Inc., founded by Executive Director Danita Davis is a Durham based nonprofit with a mission to serve needs of survivors of domestic violence, moving them toward a productive, successful life.  Durham native, Danita Davis, herself a survivor of domestic violence, founded T.I.E. Resource Centers Inc., in April 2009 as a local domestic violence recovery organization dedicated to provide women, children and families with vital transformative resources for healthy independent living.  Helm and Davis are collaborating in this second concert in a 12 concert tour series, “The Butterfly Concerts”.  The March 19th concert will be an initial fundraiser for T.I.E., for the purpose of purchasing a building, providing housing for the women and children served by their powerful restorative and transformative services.



Butterfly Concert #3


Polyrhythms, Inc.

East Moline, IL

May/June, 2010


A nonprofit based in the Quad cities area of metropolitan Illinois and Iowa , specifically in East Moline, IL. Polyrhythms is a grass roots group of community and cultural arts advocates committed to using educational workshops and live performances as a vehicle to demystify jazz, and cultivate another generation of jazz lovers.  Their monthly Third Sunday Jazz Workshop & Matinee Series brings the country’s best jazz artists and educators to a non-urban community.

Quad Cities area of Moline and  East Moline, IL; Davenport, IA,  Rock Island, IL, Bettendorf, IA


Butterfly Concert #4    BE Community Foundation
    Anguilla, West Indies        July, 2010

Butterfly Concert #5    BE Community Foundation
    St. Lucia, West Indies        August,  2010

Dr. Will Smith, CE0/Founder

The BE (Beloved Enrichment Community) Community Foundation’s mission is to provide basic needs and services to under served communities through arts programs, events, training, and development in the arts to help foster and create community.  BE Community Foundation organizes a 2 week summer arts program in the Caribbean which brings U.S. based, renowned artists to spend week long workshop stays, teaching performance on various instruments. The students are then featured in the St. Lucia Jazz Festival and concerts open to the public.  The focus of the workshop is to give the students an introduction into the inspiring history of Jazz and to groom those students to be avid festival-goers and potential musical artists. The summer program will be a two-week program with instruction in winds (saxophone, flute, clarinet), voice, piano, bass and drums. The students will get in-depth instruction in learning how to play Jazz as well as a historical perspective on how the music developed. This experience will hopefully spark in the students an interest in performing marking the start of a fruitful career-- or at the very least -- it will cultivate personal discipline and an appreciation for jazz that will last a lifetime.  BE Community Foundation believes  providing participatory spaces and programs will revitalize, ignite and develop cultural awareness and inspire all community members to reach their potential.



Butterfly Concert #6   

Hoadley Family   
Durham, NC  
   date tba

Mark Hoadley has a powerful story of a family in crisis.  We want to help this family transform their recent challenges into triumphs and pull together a community of helping hands and hearts.   Read Mark’s recent email appeal to friends and coworkers:
     Mark Hoadley (Durham) -  “I wanted to ask for everyone's prayers at this time. Two days before Christmas I learned my parents house had burnt to the ground. They lost everything they owned in this fire, and to top it off no insurance on the house. They live in Ansted West Virginia and this time of the year it is very cold. My mother is a recent survivor of lung cancer and is in congestive heart failure now. I brought her back to North Carolina to live until a home can be rebuilt. It gets more interesting though, while in W.Va. I learned my mentally handicapped sister was without a home. My sister was living with her boyfriends sister and only had two days left before she was being asked to leave. The worst part of it was my sister has a 11 year old son that is caught up in the middle of this. After I seen my nephew I knew what I had to do. The boy had only been eating oatmeal at breakfast, and the only heat in the house was an oven opened up with the broiler on. He's clothes not only were nasty but they didn't fit. The child has not been in school since Thanksgiving. With my sisters permission I brought my nephew to N.C. with me. However the school system will not let me enroll him until I am given legal guardianship over him. I with my sisters permission am starting the adoption process, but until I get legal guardianship of him I can't enroll him into school. God has truly worked miracle's in the past two weeks and I ask for everyone's prayers that another miracle happens and I can get him into school soon. Right now I am working with an Attorney and after the house fire I am truly broke and in tears so please pray for my family that God will provide and comfort us. Also Merck here in Durham N.C. has been a blessing for my family, They have truly shown so much support and have been very generous in our time of need. I love each and every one of them and feel as if they are family! May God bless everyone in this new year.”



Butterfly Concert #7

Def Dance Jam Workshop

Aziza's Blog


Aziza, founder

Harlem, NY        Date TBA

The DDJW program includes free instruction in African dance, Modern dance, Tap, Hip-Hop, drumming, drama and voice. American Sign Language (ASL).  Storytelling, poetry, journal-writing also play an important role in the artistic program. The emphasis, however, is on respect, learning, cooperation and community service.  DDJW, a 501(c) (3) non-profit, earns most of its operating revenue from performance fees, private donations and merchandising. In addition to the basic services provided by DDJW, there also is the DDJW Community Service Fellowship, which provides tuition assistance and work experience to DDJW members who take advantage of a post-secondary education. The members of DDJW do not pay to participate in the program. All services, instruction, equipment, costumes and materials are provided free of charge.


Butterfly Concert #8      

Ligon Family
Baltimore, Maryland
date tba

Helm met Grace and Tyrone Ligon over 20 years ago while living in NYC . They have an extraordinary story. This excerpt is taken from their year end family letter:

“If 2009 had a theme for us, it would be “Hope”. As we’ve mentioned in previous holiday letters, Keith and Alexis have retinitis pigmentosa (RP), a disease that progressively robs the retina of its   ability to process light. There is no known cause and currently no cure. Early in the year, Keith’s eye doctor stated that he had about 5 years before his central vision would be gone. Keith was then seen by a specialist at Johns Hopkins Hospital in May; he thought that Keith had more like 10 years, but that he was legally blind based on the results of a visual field test. We enrolled Keith in a genetic study in July, and the lead researcher performed another visual field test. Lo and behold, his previous test was likely misinterpreted by the technician – his visual field was double the width than was previously thought. Then in early October, our ray of hope – researchers from a clinical trial in Philadelphia treating more than 20 children and young adults with a severe form of RP announced that significant vision restoration had been achieved through gene therapy. During this year Grace and Tyrone became more involved in working with Foundation Fighting Blindness, a non-profit organization funding research for treatment of retinal degenerative diseases. To this end, Grace raised research funds through her annual participation in the IronGirl Triathlon, andTyrone raised funds through his first 100 mile bike ride at the Seagull Century Bike Tour. Many of you have been praying for the kids; we greatly appreciate it, but sometimes ya gotta get up and do something!”

Well, Butterfly Concerts seeks to create a community galvanized behind the Ligon family to help in covering costs related to their son and daughter’s degenerative eye disease.





Butterfly Concert #9   

Robin’s Nest Community Computer Lab
Chicago, IL
    date tba

Robin Malone, former Lucent Technology manager and IT professional, has created an upstart nonprofit to provide a place for members of the community to learn how to use computers, and to upgrade their present computer skills.  This new organization will serve youth and adults and will provide free classes.